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The Difference Between Laser Engraving Machine And Laser Cutting Machine
- May 12, 2018 -

Laser cutting is the laser emitted from the laser, through the optical system, focused into a high power density laser beam. The laser beam hits the surface of the workpiece, causing the workpiece to reach its melting point or boiling point, while the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows the molten or vaporized metal away. With the movement of the relative position of the beam and the workpiece, the material is finally cut to achieve the purpose of cutting.
The laser engraving machine can increase the engraving efficiency, make the surface of the sculptured part smooth and round, and quickly reduce the temperature of the non-metal material being engraved to reduce the deformation and internal stress of the sculptured object; it can be widely used for various non-metals. The area where the material is finely engraved.