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Pre-printed Pre-printing Technology Editor
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Even the best paper in the case of significant changes in temperature and humidity, there is also a slight shrinkage and expansion, in the printing, according to the paper changes in time to adjust the temperature of each group of ovens, to ensure the accuracy of overprinting, in general, the preheating group The temperature is adjusted between 100 and 130 °C, and the moisture in the paper is volatilized as much as possible. The first group of the printing unit is generally set at about 20 to 25 °C. After that, the temperature of each unit is gradually increased by 5 to 8 °C. After the last set of colors, raise the temperature of the oil group to between 90 and 110 °C to ensure that the paper does not stick after rewinding. The varnish is dry and does not affect the quality of the printed product, but do not set the temperature. High, if the temperature is too high, the moisture content of the paper is very low, and the produced box is easy to burst when the carton is processed, which is especially obvious in winter. In order to solve the problem that the northern part of the winter weather is dry and the horizontal and vertical lines of the carton are easy to burst, the back side of the printed product can be sprayed before the rewinding of the oil. The specific operation is to take out an iron pipe from the steam pipe. For every 50mm interval on the wall of the iron pipe, use a drill bit to drill a hole with a diameter of 3mm, install a bleed valve for heating, and vent the valve hole upwards. By adjusting the flow rate of the bleed valve, use the upward spray method. A layer of water vapor is sprayed evenly on the back side of the printed product, and then re-rolled. The moisture content of the paper is controlled between 7 and 10%, which can solve the problem of the horizontal and vertical lines of the carton during the processing.

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