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Plate Making Machine
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The CTP platesetter is Computer to Plate, a prepress device that is directly plated by a computer. CTP plate making is to use digital workflow to directly convert text and images into numbers and directly generate plates, eliminating the need for film material, artificial imposition process, semi-automatic or fully automatic printing process. Compared with traditional plate making, the biggest feature of CTP plate making is that it eliminates the step of filming.

CTP platesetters are generally divided into four categories: inner drum, outer drum, flat, and curved. Among the four types, the most used ones are the inner drum and the outer drum type; among them, the high-grade CTP platesetter with better performance adopts the outer drum type.

CTP plate-making technology has thermal imaging technology and photosensitive imaging technology. Currently, the most widely used and most stable performance is photosensitive imaging technology.