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Low-carbon Emission Reduction Urges Green Printing And Packaging Industry
- May 12, 2018 -

In recent years, the types of prepackaged foods in China have grown rapidly. In order to protect consumers’ right to know and improve the overall health of the people, the Ministry of Health recently publicly solicited opinions on the “Nutrition Labelling Standard for Prepackaged Foods”. This shows that consumers will look forward to it in the future. Go to more qualified nutrition labels. The nutrition label is marked with energy and protein, carbohydrate, fat and sodium core nutrient content and NRV%. NRV% is the percentage of nutrient reference that indicates the proportion of nutrients contained in foods to the daily recommended intake of the human body. Reading nutritional labels can help people balance their diets.

Although the "Nutrition Labeling Standard for Prepackaged Foods" is still in the consultation stage, many excellent nutrition labels have already appeared on the market. For example, Mars's graphical nutrition label uses more intuitive methods to interpret nutrition information to consumers. When you see the NRV% in the energy logo is 12%, this pack of chocolate can meet 12% of the human body's daily energy requirement. This means that the consumer needs to consume the same amount of energy needed for the day from other foods. 88%. If consumers are good at using the information provided by nutrition labels to build a balanced diet, it will be beneficial to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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