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Engraving Machine
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Engraving machine:

Use of engraving machine:

Avoid strong electricity, strong magnetic and other serious impact on the engraver signal transmission equipment. Such as: welding machine, transmission tower, etc.

Use three-core power to ensure good grounding and reduce interference.

Voltage required to be stable, avoid large fluctuations, the best use of the voltage stabilizer.

The machine can not work long time in the environment of strong acid and strong alkali.

Related information:

Engraving from the processing principle is a combination of drilling and milling machining, engraving machine a variety of data input mode according to the need to be flexible. There are two types of computer engraving machines: laser engraving and mechanical engraving, which can be divided into high power and low power. Small power is only suitable for double-color board, building model, small signage, three-dimensional crafts, etc., while for carving jade, metal, etc., the power needs to be more than 1500W. A high-power engraving machine can make something of a low-power engraving machine. Most suitable for large cutting, relief, sculpture.

Application industry:

1. Advertising and gift making: it is used to carve all kinds of double-color board signs, such as plexiglas, fante stone door plates, three-dimensional signboards, decorative gifts, laminated two-color figurines on lamp boxes, embossed MEDALS, wall-mounted lamp houses, light guide lamp houses, and organic board embossed three-dimensional doors.

2. Mold industry: engraving button relief mold, printing gilding mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold, etc.

3. Tobacco industry: used for the anti-counterfeit labels of cigarette boxes, template making and cigarette word wheel making.

4. Making circuit in the development of printed circuit board (PCB) products, drilling and milling slots, etc.

5. Automobile industry: processing of tire mould, lamp mould and decoration mould.

6. Minting money: making anti-counterfeiting moulds and coin moulds for printing banknotes.

7. Packaging industry: gilding boxes and bags, and making the adhesive pattern of carton packaging.

8. Model making: making sand table model, house model, etc.

9. Made various employee name tags, door plates and signs.

10. Seal industry: seal engraving of various fonts and materials, etc.

Differences of similar products:

Rotating blue laser engraving machine:

A. The BLUE-ROTARY UV laser engraving machine is the fastest in the engraving industry with advanced high-power ultraviolet laser and fiber lattice.

B. ultraviolet laser engraving is a low carbon environmental protection technology.

C. no consumables: no film, ink, wax required.

D. ultraviolet laser engraving is a kind of "friendly" engraving technology.

Blue laser plate engraving machine:


The DOSUN plane inkjet engraver is a digital device for CTS (computer-to-screen) that USES special ink to print images on a nickel-coated screen and expose the screen directly without film. Therefore, inkjet carving speed, low cost, high quality.


With a high-speed ink-jet head, the DOSUN engraving machine works at 10Min /m squared normal speed and 6-7min /m squared enhanced speed, with a blank jump function

The inkjet head has seven nozzles, three of which have four in reserve when running with the machine. If the nozzle is used to plug, the backup nozzle will start working. It makes the inkjet head work longer.

DOSUN static ink supply system is almost free of maintenance and provides stable ink input pressure to the inkjet head. Therefore, DOSUN engraving machine is more convenient to operate and the image quality is better.

Scanning motion (X and Y motion) using servo control technology can work in a high-precision state without losing accuracy forever. As a result, the machine can sculpt fine line designs and smooth halftone designs.

DOSUN screen fixation system ensures that the focus of the inkjet head remains unchanged, which avoids the danger of the inkjet head coming into contact with the screen.