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CTP Introduction
- Dec 17, 2018 -

The system can simultaneously connect four domestic futures exchanges, support the transaction settlement business of domestic commodity futures and stock index futures, and automatically generate and report margin monitoring documents and anti-money laundering monitoring documents.

The integrated trading platform draws on the core technology of the “new generation exchange system”, which represents the advanced level of the current international derivatives trading system, and adopts an innovative fully accurate and repetitive distributed architecture that guarantees that all inputs are distributed through the system. After parallel processing, the results are determined, and the UDP reliable multicast communication technology can be adaptively constructed to build the core information bus of the transaction system. The multi-index technology, direct foreign key technology and efficient transaction management technology of the in-memory database are improved. The service host works at the same time, mutual backup and freely join the cluster fault-tolerant reliability guarantee mechanism, which overcomes the key technical difficulties of performance and reliability, and obtains 5 software copyrights. The system has strong concurrent processing capability, the commissioning performance exceeds 2000 pens/second, the software itself can reach 8000 pens/sec, and the simultaneous online customer concurrent number is 10,000 customers/sec, and can be further expanded by adding a front-end machine. The system is mainly for futures companies, and can also be used for fund companies, investment companies, etc. for futures trading.

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