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Correct Installation Of Engraving Machine Ground
- May 12, 2018 -

At present, multi-process woodworking machine has been regarded as a relatively common equipment in the woodworking industry. Many high-end products need to use multi-process woodworking engraving machines, but when buying a woodworking engraving machine, special attention must be paid to the correct connection of the ground wire. Act, because if there is a problem with the installation of the ground wire, it may cause the machine to fail to work properly, and in severe cases, the risk of electric shock may also occur.
1. the correct installation of equipment to ensure that the equipment can quickly release the current underground.
2. The ground connection interface must be installed properly. Pay attention to the protection of the ground wire and do not collide frequently.
3. Verify that the voltage level of the grounding rod is the same as the voltage level of the operating equipment.
4. Hang the grounding wire at both ends of the work site to avoid the possibility of the user inverting power or inducing electricity.