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What is the source of the CTP machine?
- May 12, 2018 -

We often say CTP machines. This is what we often say in the printing industry. It comes from the computer-to-plate, the English acronym CTP for computer-to-plate machines. Its meaning is to print the information of the layout before the printing process. It is directly recorded on the printing plate by the computer and corresponding equipment.

CTP technology in the early 1980s, this period is the initial stage of research on the technology of plate-making machines, and its technology and plate-making volume are not very mature. By the 1990s, equipment manufacturers and printers closely cooperated to accelerate the pace of research and development of this technology, and reached maturity and industrialized applications during this period. However, our technology was restricted at that time in China, mainly because the equipment and media were very expensive, but with the development and maturity of foreign technology. China's current technology is rapidly growing in China and has become a major plate-making method for offset printing.