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Several factors that affect the role of flatbed printers
- May 12, 2018 -

Element One: Operators' operating skills influence. Operators must take professional training to print high-precision products. At this point, consumers can request manufacturers to provide training and technical guidance when purchasing uv flatbed printers.
Element II: Whether or not the uv flatbed printer is evenly coated will also affect the effect of printing. In some raw materials, a special coating is required to print the picture on the surface of the raw material.
Element 3: The quality of uv ink also affects the effect of printing. Different machines, different types, suitable for different UV inks, so it is best to use the ink recommended by the manufacturer.
Element Four: The operator's knowledge of the raw materials will also affect the role of printing. The uv ink itself will react with the printing material, will soak a certain percentage, the degree of impregnation of different raw materials is not the same, so the operator's familiarity with printing materials will affect the final role of printing.
Element Five: Print the elements of the picture itself. The higher the pixels of the picture itself, the better the effect of the printing. On the contrary, the low-quality picture cannot achieve the high quality even if the picture is rewritten.