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Laser engraving machine purchase process
- May 12, 2018 -

First determine if you want to use a laser engraving machine to process what kind of material, whether you want to machine metal or non-metal materials, or both metal and non-metal materials, in order to select the appropriate laser engraving machine model and The power of the laser tube, such as the material used to cut leather paper, can be achieved using a low-power laser tube. If you want to cut a thick wood board or a density board, you must use a laser tube that emits power. Of course, in general, the greater the power of the laser tube, the greater the thickness of the material that can be cut.

Laser diodes used in metal non-metal laser cutting machines are generally 150 watts or 260 watts and 300 watts. There are also kilowatts, such as 1000 watts and 2000 watts. High-powered lasers, carbon dioxide is usually axial. More, used to cut relatively thick wood and to the template, etc. High-power kilowatt fiber lasers mainly cut thick metal materials.