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Laser engraving machine notes
- May 12, 2018 -

1, When using the autofocus, it should be noted that the autofocus stick must be fastened, otherwise the worktable will be topped to the laser.
2, When the laser engraving machine is working, it is forbidden to open the cover.
3, open the smoke when processing, blowing smoke equipment.
4, processing wood, paper, must pay attention to the processing speed to avoid fire.
5. Red light positioning is performed when the initial user performs irregular processing.
6, processing thin wood, variability materials, we must adjust the amplitude of small water 1mm.
7, When the cutting process is performed, the workpiece rack should be used more than 2cm away from the workbench.
8, the reflection lens and focal length lens cleaning: two fingers hold the reflective lens. The other hand holds the camera lens cleaning paper to clean the lens.
9, Usually, when the vector file is engraved, the resolution should be higher. When engraving the Chen file, the resolution should be lower.

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