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Flatbed printer application industry
- May 12, 2018 -

Advertising blister production: color real light boxes, three-dimensional portrait light boxes, product simulation models, inkjet acrylic blister.
Signage production: traffic reflective film professional printing, department-oriented brand printing, enterprises and institutions advertising simulation direct screen color printing.
Screen printing industry: No need for artificial plate making, color registration, network adjustment, washing net, computer direct output, personalized processing, no color difference.
Art glass processing: Ordinary glass, frosted glass, jade sand glass, glass bricks and other printing, no artificial hand-painted, computer output, rich colors.
Applications: furniture sliding doors, glass flowers, partition screens, background curtain walls, glass light boxes, glass desktops, etc.
Modern home decoration, office meeting, nightclub KTV, bath center and other home and leisure venues personalized decoration.
Leather cloth printing: various leather and other soft materials for color pattern processing, ink adhesion, rich colors, environmental protection without toxic side effects.