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CTP plate making machine selection method
- May 12, 2018 -

◆ Examine the quality of CTP platesetters: The quality of plate-making sites for thermal, violet, and CTcP has been the focus of controversy; the characteristics of different workflows, and the application of frequency-modulated screening techniques are also varied.
◆ To inspect the production capacity of CTP machines: The printing plant should select the speed of the CTP platesetter according to its own printing equipment production capacity. The speed of the platesetter is generally divided into grades according to the model and configuration. The faster the machine is, the higher the price is.
◆ To see if the CTP model's capacity can be upgraded: Choose a model, the best equipment plate speed has the potential to increase, in the hope that after the factory purchases the printing press, the speed of the plate making machine can adapt to the production requirement quickly too.
◆ Considering operating costs: How much does it cost to buy a machine and how much it needs to be invested at one time? This is something the printing house will consider and calculate.

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