Cnc Smart Uv Laser Engraver

Brief introduction S ince 2005, DOSUN has studied and developed for UV-CTP (Ultra Violet- computer to plate). F or more than 5 years, the company finally has promoted UV-CTP, 2400 dpi of output revolution, which is in a leading position in domestic. B y using UV-FINATM Laser Engine, technology...

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Brief introduction

    Since 2005, DOSUN has studied and developed for UV-CTP (Ultra Violet- computer to plate). For more than 5 years, the company finally has promoted UV-CTP, 2400 dpi of output revolution, which is in a leading position in domestic. By using UV-FINATM Laser Engine, technology and long-term experience on manufacturing Inkjet Engraver, we provide DOSUN BLUE-ROTARY UV-Laser Engraver for whole textile printing industry.

  By using UV-FINATM Laser Engine technology, sensitive emulsion, engraving technology is basically same with the traditional technology, improving the precision and efficiency.



l The UV technology of laser direct imaging is directly imaging on the surface of traditional UV sensitive emulsion. Because of don’t need film and ink, so the cost is low, and convenient, environmental protection.


l DOSUN UV-FINATM Laser Engine: Integrating several high technologies, such as 405nm laser diode, fiber dot-matrix, automatic focusing, light-power balancing, constant temperature controlling and so on, output precision 720dpi, can manufacture complex moiré patterns,


l Using advanced high-power UV laser and fiber dot-matrix, BLUE-ROTARY UV Laser Engraver is the fastest in engraving industry.


l By using constant temperature controlling, the machine can work for along time under the ordinary room temperature.


l DOSUN PERFECTATM Hardware Platform: Dexterous, Solid, Accurate, Reliable. It is the crystallization of time and experience, and has several items of national monopolies.


l Automatic focusing system can optional sets laser intensity, adjusting the balance of laser power by automatic, in order to achieve the best exposure efficiency, improve the using life of laser.




 · Temperature: 540

· Humidity: 3080% (Non-condensing)

· Lighting:  yellow light

· Electric Resistance:  ≦ 4Ω

· Power: 1.5KW/ 220V, 50HZ


Drawing, Color Separation, Output Process



· UV laser engraving is a “ultimate” technology


· UV laser engraving use semiconductor laser, wavelength is 405nm, in the spectroscopy, it calls Ultra-Violet, so we also call it blue laser. Now, the engraving sensitive emulsion of textile print, paper print and PCB all use UV sensitive emulsion, the most wavelength of engraving sensitive emulsion as same as UV sensitive emulsion’s, so engraving technology will not be replaced.


· UV laser engraving technology is a fast engraving technology.The speed of engraving is depending on size of power and number of ray path. DOSUN UV-FINATM laser engine can achieve 64 paths, which provide 16 paths for print engraving. For example, the speed of 640mm/1800mm ROTARY UV Laser Engraver can achieve 68min. /m.


· UV laser engraving technology is a precision engraving technology.


· UV laser engraving is a real photo etching technology, using on the paper offset print, DOSUN UV-FINATM Laser Engine can achieve 2400dpi, making the line of 0.01mm, showing the net-point of 1%~99%, it can provide the 720dpi for print engraving, on the “continuing” neurogen ( offset plate), it can manufacture the line of 0.035mm. Because rotary engraving isn’t “un-continuing” neurogen, now, the highest mesh number is 195 meshes, in theory, we can achieve the smallest line for 0,13mm, in the manufacturing, we usually use 125 meshes, in theory, and we can achieve the smallest line for 0.21mm (Data for STORK Company). So, the output precision of DOSUN BLUE-ROTARY UV Laser Engraver is better than rotary screen engraver’s. It can satisfy any precision for output size.


· UV laser engraving is a low carbon, environment protection technology.


Low power: 1.5


No consumable items: Do not need film, ink, wax


Low cost: the function of sensitive emulsion is basically same with traditional, the price also basically same.


· UV laser engraving is a “friendly” engraving technology.The manufacture process is not only as same as traditional process, but also more convenient. Basing on the design principle of “convenient, practical, reliable, advanced”, in the process of engraving image, the equipment provides monitor display, operation help and so on. By using the software and hardware, it all can reflect a “friendly” attitude to operational workers.


· With highspeed USB2.0 interface. DOSUN engraving programe can easily install and operate like a printer with the plug and play technology.



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